Kuwait Sewerage Improvements – Phase IX

Study, Design and Tender Documents

Mishref And Sabah Al Salem, Kuwait


Ministry of Public Works, Sanitary Engineering


Study, Design and Tender Documents


KD. 40.0 million


Replacement of over 110 km of sewer network in Sabah Al-Salem.
Replacement of over 70 km of sewer network in Mishrif.


2007 (Design)


NJS Consultants of Japan

Gulf Consult, as a sub consultant to NJS Consultants of Japan, were appointed by the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) Sanitary Engineering Sector to undertake the Study, Design and Tender Documents for the Kuwait Sewage Improvements Phase IX for the Mishref and Sabah Al-Salem Areas.

Sabah Al Salem Project

The project area covers about 11 km2 and comprises Sectors 1 to 13. The existing sewer network comprise of approximately 110 km of sewers with 4,300 manholes. The topography of Sabah-Salem slopes gently from west to east, with an overall fall of about 40 m. The existing sewer network drained to an existing trunk sewer in the Fahaheel Expressway, from where the sewage is conveyed to Riqqa WWTP. Sewerage Improvement Works for this area included :

  • Replacement of all existing sewers with new sewers of approved materials
  • Design of new sewers to serve existing and future development areas that do not have sewer networks

Mishrif Project

The Project Area covers 5 km2 and comprises Section 1 to 6 of Mishrif. The existing sewer network comprises approximately 70 km of sewers including 2,500 manholes. A new trunk sewer alongside the Fahaheel Expressway has been designed deep enough to allow the sewers from Mishref to discharge directly to the trunk sewer by gravity. The topography of Mishrif Area slopes gently from west to east.