Master and Urban Planning


Gulf Consult has been providing master and urban planning services for over 25 years. Working closely with international consultants we have been involved in various state-wide and urban focused planning studies in Kuwait and Internationally. We understand the value of careful planning analysis, and appreciate that decisions taken today will have critical long term impact on either national and economic development, local communities or the environmental contexts in which specific projects are to be implemented.

Our experience ranges from strategic planning frameworks; urban renewal and development; state, institutional and project based master plans; land zoning and utilization studies; as well as marine and environmental assessments to establish potential development options.

Specific projects that we have been involved in include national master plan and reviews; city center development strategies and planning; town planning and urban area renewal; industrial area upgrading studies; university and medical city master plans; touristic development; and environmental protection enhancement studies in some of Kuwait’s sensitive areas of national interest.

Critical to the success of large scale planning projects is the knowledge of local statutory regulations and approval processes, as well as experience of working with many state agencies with various levels of jurisdiction and controls.


  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Environmental Studies
  • National Planning Studies
  • City and Town Planning
  • Urban Area Renewal
  • Institutional Master Plans
  • Preservation Areas
  • Development Strategies


Gulf Consult strives to create functional, elegant and sustainable buildings that are responsive to the physical and cultural contexts in which these are to be developed, and to the aspirations of our Clients.

We appreciate that today’s buildings necessitate intensive collaboration between different design and engineering disciplines. As users’ needs are becoming sophisticated, and as advancements in construction technologies inevitably call for more specialized inputs, we have to be inclusive in our design approach and embrace innovation. This is essential in order to remain committed to our responsibility to develop efficient, healthy and environmentally sensitive buildings.

Our in-house professional expertise and resources, and our long standing and successful association with some of the world’s renowned architectural and design consultants, greatly enhance our capabilities to undertake projects of varying types, sizes, complexities and specialization.

Gulf Consult’s extensive range of public and private sector projects covers institutional, medical, educational, cultural, hospitality, corporate offices, commercial, residential, sports, industrial and mixed-use developments. Backed by comprehensive computer aided drafting and Building Information Modeling capabilities, we are well-placed to continue delivering buildings of merit and outstanding architectural quality.


  • Contextual and Environmental Analysis
  • Functional and Spatial Programming
  • Architectural Planning and Design
  • Architectural Character and Image Studies
  • Value Engineering
  • Architectural Supervision

Interior Design

GC Interiors is a full-service design department dedicated to creating unique, functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors tailored to the needs of our Clients. Our experience encompasses a wide range of projects, including educational, healthcare, hospitality, offices and headquarters, residential developments, banks and commercial facilities.

We are constantly searching for innovative design directions and the use of new materials, colour combinations and concepts. We create spaces with quality, variety and sensitive aesthetic treatment, giving due attention to functional requirements and our Clients’ budget guidelines. We appreciate that the quality of interior spaces has a direct impact on the well-being of occupants and, especially in work environments, on productivity levels.

In today’s multi-faceted design environment, cooperation between various disciplines is essential, and with Gulf Consult being a multi-disciplinary organization, the levels of flexibility and coordination we can achieve are thus greatly enhanced. Our design services are also backed by an experienced graphic and technical teams conversant with the latest drawing, presentation and documentation protocols and software.


  • Space Programming and Planning
  • Interior Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Work-space Design
  • Loose Furniture and Finishes
  • Signage and Graphics
  • Supervision
  • Complete FF&E

Landscape Architecture

Gulf Consult is an experienced and award winning leader in Landscape Architecture, a holistic design discipline that seeks to create exciting external and internal built environments for our Clients and end users. Our creative approach blends cultural influences, environmental factors and contextual relevance to realize memorable and stimulating public, private and institutional spaces of various scales and sizes.

Our expertise in horticulture and soft landscaping that thrives in Kuwait’s extreme environment, as well as in material selection, helps us ensure that the aesthetically pleasing spaces we create are supplemented with enduring quality and low maintenance detailing. We consciously embrace a sustainable design approach in all projects we undertake, and these include parks; recreational and entertainment facilities; residential and commercial developments; medical and educational campuses; sports complexes; community development and specialized clustered or multi-use spaces.


  • Site Analysis
  • Programming
  • Master Planning
  • Theme Development
  • Hard and Soft Landscaping
  • Site Furnishings and Special Features
  • Design and Technical Documentation
  • LEED Consulting and Water Conservation
  • Supervision

Structural and Civil Engineering

Gulf Consult was initially founded to provide professional structural and civil engineering services. Over the past 50 years of the Firm’s operation, and through direct involvement in progressively more complex and wide ranging engineering work, we are today one of the foremost and most experienced structural design consultants in Kuwait.

We strongly believe in an open-minded approach toward resolving complex design issues, and in the need for working closely with architects and other engineers throughout the development process. The wide range of building types, infrastructure, highway, heavy engineering and specialist design work that we have undertaken utilizing different structural systems and techniques, have provided us with the confidence to pursue new directions and to continuously seek innovatively designed and safe engineering solutions. We work with the latest design software; encourage regular refresher courses for our experienced staff to stay abreast of new developments; and utilise building information modeling techniques to draft and to resolve inter-disciplinary coordination issues.

Structural and Civil Engineering Services

  • Earth and Water Retaining Structures
  • High and Low Rise buildings
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Pumping Stations and Sanitary Structures
  • Deep Structures
  • Steel, Precast, Pre-stressed and Post-tensioned Structures
  • Highways, Bridges and Tunnels
  • Blast Resistant Buildings
  • Structural Analysis and Rehabilitation Solutions
  • Structural Supervision

MEP Services

Gulf Consult provides the complete range of mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and engineering services. With decades of responsible involvement in designing increasingly complex electro-mechanical services for different building types, specialized facilities and major multi-use campuses, our expertise fully embraces present-day concerns with adopting sustainable and smart-building technologies.

As the focus on ensuring energy conservation and environmental consciousness gains increasing attention, and given the obvious need for creating internal conditions that are comfortable and enhance productivity, we have to continuously seek solutions that are efficient, and suited to the purpose; and which give due attention to life-cycle considerations in the selection of systems and equipment.

Our experience is extensive and wide-ranging, and our highly qualified engineers and technicians have access to the latest in design, engineering and analytical software, all backed by advanced drafting and building information modeling capabilities. Interdisciplinary coordination too is an essential component of successful design; and with dedicated professionals covering many different mechanical and electrical systems that are increasingly becoming specialized, we have the added responsibility to ensure that we continuously keep abreast of new systems, innovations and products.

Mechanical Services

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning
  • Plumbing, Drainage and Irrigation
  • Fire Protection and Fighting Systems
  • Public Health Services
  • Medical Gases and Services
  • Conveying Systems
  • Kitchen and Laundry Services
  • Building Management System
  • District Cooling
  • Energy Conservation and LEED
  • Tender Documents
  • Supervision of Construction, Commissioning, Maintenance and Operation

Electrical Services

  • Lighting Calculations and Designs
  • Electrical Power Supply and Distribution
  • Electrical Substations
  • Low Voltage Systems
  • Lightning Protection and Fire Alarm Systems
  • ICT Systems
  • Solar Energy and PV Systems
  • Security Systems and Services
  • Public Address Systems
  • LEED Consulting
  • Tender Documents
  • Construction Supervision


Over the past 3 decades, Gulf Consult have been involved in the design and development of major infrastructure projects, carried out either using our internal professional and technical resources, or in association with leading global specialist consulting firms.

Our experienced engineers have been involved in the design, engineering and construction supervision of a large variety of infrastructure assignments, with complete awareness of the challenge to seek solutions that will enable sustainable operation of these systems. And our substantial in-house analytical software resources greatly enhance the confidence with which we can undertake complex projects.

Gulf Consult’s infrastructure expertise encompasses national road, highway and transportation networks; stormwater and sanitary drainage master plans and networks; sewage and waste treatment facilities; water supply treatment and distribution networks; and construction supervision.


  • Traffic Planning
  • Roadways, Highways and Bridges
  • Parking Structures
  • Irrigation Networks
  • Sewage Treatment Plants and Distribution Networks
  • Pumping Stations
  • Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution Networks
  • Stormwater Protection, Harvesting and Drainage
  • Tender Documentation
  • Construction Supervision

Contracts and Quantity Surveying

Gulf Consult provides comprehensive construction contract and cost management services for public and private sector projects, from inception to completion. We manage overall development costs of a large variety of building and infrastructure projects, which we undertake through proactive cost control models with emphasis on efficiency, professionalism and a positive working environment.

Backed by a team of senior quantity surveyors, cost and contract specialists, specification writers, and an extensive data base developed over many years, we are able to render reliable contract, cost and quantity surveying services. We provide on-going cost advice to the many international architectural firms we work with; and through regular liaison with in-house architects and engineers, as well as product manufacturers and suppliers, we offer essential real time feed-back on budget related issues to designers, and during post contract construction stages.



  • Estimates and Budget Guidelines
  • Life-cycle costing
  • Cost Planning and Control
  • Utilisation of Uniformat and CSI Master Format Systems.
  • Financial Feasibility and Comparative Cost Studies
  • Value Engineering
  • Procurement Strategy Advice
  • Tender Documents for Traditional, Design-Build, PPP and EPC Contracts
  • Prequalification of Contractors
  • Tender Period Services and Bid Analysis
  • Contract Documents


  • Cost Management and Reporting
  • Progress Payments
  • Variations and Claims
  • Final Accounts
  • Contract Administration
  • Assistance in Arbitration and Litigation

Construction Supervision

Gulf Consult provides complete construction management and supervision services. Our experience in construction supervision work spans almost 50 years, and over this period have developed management and control of procedures that help ensure that timely on-site project execution and quality is achieved in accordance with contract provisions and good construction practices.

We appreciate that our site-team members have to be efficient, unbiased and competent, as well as logical and fair in their contractual interpretations. Through this approach, and by structuring our supervision teams into discipline based entities under the control of an experienced Resident Engineer and site-management set up, we have been eminently successful in our many past and on-going building, infrastructure and interiors projects, many of which are very large and complex in nature.

We also strongly advocate, and believe in providing valuable management and technical head-office back-up to our site-based teams, as it is critical that design intent and quality aspects considered during the design stages are respected, understood and implemented at site in the best interest of the projects and our Clients.


  • Construction Management
  • Schedule and Progress Control
  • Quality, Workmanship and Technical Control
  • Contract Administration
  • Review of Contractor’s Submittals and Shop Drawings
  • Compliance with Safety and Statutory Requirements
  • Management of Claims and Variations.
  • Site and Progress Meetings.
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Substantial and Final Completion Certification
  • Payment Certificates and Final Accounting
  • Maintenance Period Monitoring

Building Information Management/Modeling/Models (BIM)

For over half a Century, Gulf Consult has been providing clients with professional consulting services for Architecture, Engineering and Planning (AEP). During recent years, BIM has emerged as the premiere method for AEP projects. Gulf Consult has dedicated considerable resources towards state of the art BIM technology by conducting vast testing, benchmarking, and research into strategies and techniques for small to large scale BIM projects.

Gulf Consult’s experience with BIM projects include healthcare, military, data centers, airports, amusement parks, stadiums, retail, and commercial developments. Our areas of BIM expertise, BIM processes, and BIM standards throughout the life cycle of projects range from BIM Implementation and BIM Training, to BIM Content Creation, BIM Modeling, BIM automated processes, BIM Coordination, and BIM Clash Detection.

Through the combined efforts of Gulf Consult’s experienced BIM staff and international BIM Consultants, using documented Collaborative BIM Processes, with the latest BIM Technologies – Gulf Consult is committed to delivering the best of all that BIM has to offer.


  • Architectural Programming (AP)
  • Visualization (VIZ)
  • Spatial analysis (SPA)
  • Design Authoring and Briefing (DAB)
  • Design Reviews (DR)
  • Engineering Analysis (EA)
  • 3D Coordination (3DC)
  • Clash Detection (CD)
  • QA/QC – Consistency control (CC)
  • Owner Approval (OA)

Topographic Surveying

GC Surveys started operations in 2009, emerging from the need of various projects for comprehensive and professional land and building survey services. Our large team of experienced surveyors now have in-house access to highly precise surveying equipment and instruments.

We provide a wide range of advanced surveying services utilizing electronic equipment and up-to-date software, which enable us undertake efficient, timely and cost effective fieldwork and subsequent data processing and documentation. We possess data acquisition, management and processing systems that are suitable for various survey applications including mapping, 3D terrain models and measurement of existing buildings and structures.

Modern equipment we utilize include Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers; Electronic Total Stations; Digital Level instruments; and Laser Scanning Machines that enable direct conversion of field measurements into AutoCAD drawings.

A-Z Services

Building Information Management BIM
Bridge Engineering
Civil Engineering
Costing and Cost Management
Construction Management
Construction Supervision
Design Review Services
Design-Build Documentation

Electrical Engineering
Feasibility Studies
Interior Design and FF&E
Infrastructure Engineering
ICT and Communication Systems
Irrigation network
Landscape Architecture
Lighting Design
Master Planning & Urban Design

Mechanical Engineering
Public Health
Project Management
Programme/Schedule Management
Quantity Surveying
Road and Highway Engineering
Renewable Energy Technologies
Structural Engineering
Storm Water Engineering

Specification Writing
Statutory Approvals and Permits
Sustainability & LEED Consultancy
Town and City Planning
Traffic and Transport Planning
Tender Documentation & Tendering Services
Value Engineering
Waste Water Engineering
Water Supply Engineering